Fukushima ©chi king

Two democratic schools in Fukushima host this tour. These two have continues to support evacuated children and their families from the contaminated area by the radiation. Although the contamination by radiation is still serious issue in Fukushima, you can visit these two democratic schools safely. You will know the today’s situation of Fukushima from the democratic education people of Fukushima.
The trip for Fukushima costs about 7,500 yen including two night accommodation and six meals and transportation between Tokyo and Fukushima. This trip will start from 5th afternoon till 7th afternoon.


Kamakura is the sort of Medieval Age capital city of Japan. There are so many ancient gardens, temples and shrines. Zen is still practice here in Kamakura. You can walk into the inside of the huge bronze statue of Buddha. Kamakura locates sea side. You may enjoy a nice walk along the sea coast.
The day trip to Kamakura will start from 6th in the morning till evening including 5th and 6th accommodation and lunch on 5th. The participants will enjoy free plan night in Tokyo on 5th and 6th. This trip will cost 14,000 yen.

Hakone ©名古屋太郎

The two day trip to Kamakura and Hakone will be fruitful journey. The participants will go to Kamakura with day trip participants. Day trip people will go back to Tokyo. But Two day trip people will go to Hakone to enjoy “onsen” hot spring. Hakone is also famous for “Sakasafuji”. “Sakasafuji” is the reflection image of Mt.Fuji on the surface of the lake Ashinoko. Yosegi wood craft is also famous. It is said that Russian matryoshka doll was inspired by this craft. It will cost 29,000 yen. It includes three nights accommodation: very simple accommodation on 5th and 7th night. Another is 6th night in Hakone. This hotel is “onsen” hotel. It also includes lunch and dinner on 6th and breakfast and lunch on 7th.

Accommodation Meals
5th 6th 7th
5th 6th 7th D B L D B L D
Kamakura(Day Trip) S S
Kamakura & Hakone (Two Day Trip) S On S
*the minimum number of people
Fukushima 10 people
Kamakura 40 people
Kamakura & Hakone 25 people
S: Simple accommodation.
On: Onsen hotel. Hotspring Hotel
B: Breakfast
L: Lunch
D: Dinner



(Day Trip)

Kamakura & Hakone
(Two Day Trip)