Democratic School Visit / Sightseeing

Democratic School Visit / Sightseeing

1.Free School NEMO(フリースクールネモ) Participation Fee ¥3,450

It’s a free school which was established in 2010 at Narasino-city in Chiba. The time is passing very slowly here where there’s no program arranged by the staff. Though the space is not so wide, we have a wonderful view because of the park in front of NEMO.
We arrange some amusements for you , for example, flowing somen making a round paper fan, a watermelon bust, playing in the water, etc. We’ll go to a parking rest area, UMIHOTARU, located on the sea on the way of Aqualine.

2.Free Space Cosmo Participation Fee ¥3,000

The activities of this network range is considerably wide such as child support,the support for young folks job seekers,etc.
And this time we like to introduce you the child division “Free space Cosmo”.
Chiquita membership are enjoying experience learnings like farm work, adventure trips, etc. at each child’s own pacewhile relaxing there.
Your lunch is to be served at the “Community Bakery-style Sumika” that is operated by the young people beloning to the same network.
At the bakery you can casually make friends while eating homemade pizza.
After the lunch, shall we walk around unique tast town “Nishi-Ogikubo” area sightseeing, where is popular with young people,and there you can probably find the lovely antique shop,community space, and so on.

3. Tokyo Shure Katsushika Jr. High School ¥3,000

Founded in 2007, our school established on the basis of thoughts of Free School Tokyo Shure. In the framework of the public education, we honor children’s choice and facilitate child-centered learning and decision-making through everyday school life.
We are looking forward to seeing you all and at the lunch time, let’s have a traditional Japanese meal together. In the tour, we are planning to provide Japanese harp,a band performance, and demonstration of the Japanese tea ceremonies, etc. (As well as time allows, may take a quick-sightseeing bustour in the east Tokyo.)

4.Free Space En ¥3,000

“Free Space En” is a publicly owned but private-run free space unique in Japan. The City of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture and NPO Free Space Tamariba together established Free Space En as a collaborativework.
In the visit, after lunch with children, we will socialize in music and sports, and introduce the programs of Free Space En.
In addition, Free Space is in the “Children’s Dream Park” facility where children can have various kinds of fun and experience such as outdoor activities and music activities with free thinking. And it is scheduled to tour the Dream Park.
Although there is no sightseeing, it is a course that you can fully enjoy your own unique Free Space.

5. Free Shool Bokunchi Participation Fee ¥3,000

Free school “Bokunchi”,utilizing solitary house, has a homely atmosphere.
“Bokunchi” is located near the big park called “Hanegi Park”,and ” play park” in “Hanegi Park”, children can use fire, dig a hole in the ground, climb a tree.
The place where such natural activities can be enjoyed is limited in Tokyo.
Even if children should be absent, you can visit “Bokunchi” and “Hanegi Park”, interacting with Mr.Takahashi and OB,OG representatives.
After the tour,shall we enjoy shopping in “Shimo-kitazawa” in a neighborhood? “Shimo-kitazawa” is a famous place, setting a trend among the youth.

6. Tokyo Shure “Oji division” Participation Fee ¥3,240

Tokyo Shure is a free school,celebrating this year 32 years.
About 90 memberships are belonging to “Oji division”,they are from elementary school 3rd grade to 23years old.
They are excited with various learning activities such as playing music,trip abroad.
You can enjoy Japanese food (such as Sushi-Chirashi and simmered dishes for vegetarian!)exchanging the conversations together with the children,staff members, furthermore Welcome band music performances by members,
Besides, shall we enjoy “Rokugien” (Japanese garden founded in the Edo period) tour before back to the Olympic Center for dinner.
All members and staff are looking forward to seeing you all!

7. Tokyo Shure “Shinjuku division” and “Shure-University” Participation Fee ¥3,000

Two facilities operated by NPO Tokyo Shure in Shinjuku-Area, one is free school Tokyo Shure-“Shinjuku division”, another is Alternative University called “Shure-University”.
Having lunch here,shall we enjoy Ocarina music and chorus perfomed by the children/students.
After lunch,you are divided into groups of those who are interested in free school or university side, so that you can understand more deeply the activity contents of each space,exchanging the conversation with the children and/or students.
After that, you can enjoy sightseeing in “Harajuku” where is a famous place, setting a trend among the youth,having a different nuance comparing with “Shimo-kitazawa”.
You can be divided into several groups for shopping and walking around in “Harajuku”.